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Gig Bags for Backless banjos
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Author:  paulrace [ Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Gig Bags for Backless banjos

Just got a Deering brand gig bag for one of my backless banjos. That gave me a chance to A/B it with the Superior bag I bought a couple years ago. Here's part of the review I posted it on Amazon:

The padding seems very similar in quality. The Superior case has two zippered compartments on front of the bag, while the Deering bag only has one. The Deering case's zippered compartment is bigger, but it's also flatter, so no sandwiches. Neither bag's compartments will hold, say, a lesson book. The backstraps on the Deering case are wrapped with vinyl which might make it easier on your shoulders, but these resonator-less tone-ring-less banjos weigh so little that that isn't a major concern. The backstraps on the Deering case can be removed, however, if that's of interest to you. Both bags have double zippers on the main compartment.

Here is one possible advantage of the Deering bag - the Deering's "handle" is actually two straps you have to bind together with a velcro thingie before you can pick the bag up properly, while the Superior's handle is one nice solid handle that you don't have to bind together. Why is that a plus in the Deering's column? Because if you accidentally pick the Deering bag up by the handle without zipping it shut, you won't throw your banjo across the room like you would with the Superior bag. That might not affect you, but it might affect anyone careless or absent-minded, like, say, a student.

Summary: All things being equal - the bags are very similar in quality. As far as I can tell, the only real reason to spend the extra money for the Deering bag with the shiny gold embroidered letters is so you can have a cool-looking bag with shiny gold embroidered letters on it. On the other hand, the name Deering may get you more respect from hipsters, or help you avoid starting a panic at an airport. Tip: No matter which case you're using, if the cops or TSA tell you to put it down, don't argue with them.

"Step away from the banjo, and no one will get hurt."

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