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Bob Rock Banjos
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Author:  paulrace [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:15 am ]
Post subject:  Bob Rock Banjos

A reader writes:

Hi Paul: I just stumbled on your site looking for info on Banjos. I'm interested in learning to play and by chance there's a place I go to and they have several Bob Rock Banjos up for sale and I'm thinking of buying one. They are plectrum models. Would you recomend these for a Bluegrass beginer? Theres one with a Native American ,a Country Scene and a Plain Back. I believe one is a 5 String and the others are 4 String. Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Rock banjos tend to go for a lot of money. You definitely need a 5 string. I'm not sure you need a very expensive banjo.

You can learn Bluegrass picking styles on ANY 5- string that is set up properly. So don't feel like you have to dump $1500-2500 into your first banjo. If you do want to play Bluegrass on stage with other folks, you may want a banjo that's suited specifically for Bluegrass. Those are described in this article: ... _banjo.htm

Here's one of the best starter banjos ever made. Yes, I know it's a ways from you: ... 79329.html

Here's another, though it has a bigger rim so it will have a deeper tone, but it should still be VERY easy to learn on: ... 57807.html

Do you get the idea that I'm stuck on Deering? Here's another: ... 03548.html

Deering Goodtimes may not look fancy and they aren't as loud as $1500-$2500 banjos, but their action is professional - meaning you won't find a banjo that is easier to learn on unless you approach the $1500 range.

If you want to spend "real" money, I own one just like this and it is a BEAST. And yes, it is a professional Bluegrass banjo. ... 69995.html

But you don't need that to get started.

Best of luck,


Author:  paulrace [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bob Rock Banjos

The reader replied:

You get back fast! Thank you! LOL spell check gets me too. I've been online and I do see that the Bob Rock banjos do sell for a lot of money and for a beginner I don't need one that high end BUT , I dont think they will go that high at this place (there are at least 4 of them ) I believe 3 were 4 strings. So I was thinking that if the 5 string goes for under say $350 I would grab it. I also see online that they are somewhat of a collectors item and if I bought it I wouldn't want to ruin it as a beginner. But I wouldn't mind learning on a Really nice banjo too.

If this dosen't work out I will check out the ones with the links you sent me. Ct is a small State and I can be just about anywhere in less than 1 1/2

I thank You kindly for the info and links.


Please let me know how things work out - Paul

Author:  paulrace [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bob Rock Banjos

The reader replied:

Hi Paul: Just to recap, The 5 string Bob Rock went for $425 plus fee's so about $520. The price was getting a little steep for me. These were at an Estate Auction. Of the other five 4 string Plectums which I believe were also brand new went for about $350 plus fee's

If I get a chance this week I will drive out to some of the links you sent me. At least I have a starting point.

Thank You Again!!

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