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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:52 am 
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
Republishing the Exiled Nigerian Prince's letter to the President of the United States.

Dear President Trump:

I share your concern for the people of coastal Texas. And I was moved by your pledge of a million dollars to help. I also know that in the past you have often pledged money that you never got around to giving. Perhaps you are hesitant about giving this time as well, even though if you're worth what you say you are, a million dollars to you is like a hundred dollars to most people.

I may have a solution for your conundrum. I would seriously like to help the people of East Texas, and I have an actual million dollars spread out across several Central American banks that I could easily wire to your bank account. I can't send the money to any charity in my own name because the American Feds would just seize it and start arguing about whether it should go into the US treasury or into the Nigerian treasury.

But if I send it to you first, you could write the check and take the credit without it costing you anything. I know you've done this sort of thing before, so I don't feel any further explanation is necessary.

If this sounds good to you, please go to my contact page [ http://exilednigerianprince.com ] and enter the bank routing number and checking account number where you would like me to wire the money, and I will see to that deserving people get the help they need.

Your friend and sometime fellow traveller,

Mutabe (also known as the Exiled Nigerian Prince)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:30 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
A scammer/spammer writes:

Subject: How to Act Like a Grownup (While Killing Your File Shares)

Dear Paul Darwin,

We understand how much you may want to Kill Your File Share once and for all. We couldn't agree more! But before you take a sledgehammer and start smashing away, it can be helpful to understand your organization's current information governance (IG) maturity level.

If your response to that is to snort laughter, you are not alone! To help you take a more grownup approach to your IG initiative, we've created a Capability Maturity Model to help you determine where your company currently fits, and the steps you need to take to grow. That's right, you can now kill your company's file share, and look like a grownup doing it.

Download Your Copy of the IG Maturity Model Here [Web link withheld]

Have questions? Don't know where to start? We can help!
Get started today and we'll even give you a discount on our Content Compliance solution:

Get 25-35% off Content Compliance

Of course, you can always email or call us with questions.

The Active Navigation Team


Dear Patrick,

How to demonstrate that you're a spammer/scammer out of the box: Keep using a purloined, error-prone mailing list you paid too much money for from another internet spammer/scammer.

How do I know you're using a purloined, error-prone mailing list that you paid too much money for from another internet spammer/scammer? Because my name isn't Paul Darwin and it has never been Paul Darwin, but I get e-mails almost every day from other internet spammer/scammers addressed to Paul Darwin. So the buggy old list someone downloaded illegally from my employer's mail server years ago is still alive and well. And so is the internet scammer/spammer industry.

If your response to that is to snort laughter, you are not alone! Unfortunately. There are hundreds of people using the same error-filled mailing list as we speak.

I have an idea for how you can solve that problem? Purge everyone off your list that hasn't yet responded to your stupid e-mails. Become a real person with a real company, show up at trade shows, advertise in trade magazines, let your message speak for itself.

If you prefer to lurk in the shadows, spamming people who have no interest in what you do, that's your choice, of course. But I might could show you a better business plan. The grandaddy of internet scammer/spammers has put together a "master class" on how to use the internet to trick stupid people out of their money. He promises to share all of his secrets with anyone who signs up. It will only cost you $150 to enroll, and that amount is 100% refundable if you decide within four days that the program is not for you.

If that sounds good, please go to the Exiled Nigerian Prince home page [ http://ExiledNigerianPrince.com ] and enter the requested information about the checking account you want the money withdrawn from. Once the Prince has access to your bank account, I guarantee he will teach you everything you need to know about internet scams.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:18 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
A scammer writes:

Thank you so much for curating such an awesome page of resources! I've been trying to find helpful hobbies-oriented pages for some upcoming workshops we're putting on here at the library, and yours have really stood out. I'm very grateful for all of your time and effort on this.

I've stumbled across a few others in my research that I thought I'd share with you, since I didn't spot them on your list and thought others might find them useful as well


List of "resources" that the fake librarian wants me to include withheld. One is from a criminal concern that pays scammers to get link placements on legitimate sites. Blogger beware!

BTW, the scammer has gone to the trouble to set up a fake library web site so anyone who doubts his legitimacy will see SOMETHING that will hopefully convince him that the nonexistent library is a real concern, and therefore the e-mail must be legit, too. thespringfieldlibrary dot org. If you go there, you'll notice no street address, no updated calendar of events, etc.

The first time I got this scam, it was from a fake teacher at a nonexistant school with a similar scam web site, telling me that his nonexistent students wanted to know how the Internet worked, and I could show them by posting a link (also to a criminal concern) on my web page. The "school web page" listed no actual contacts, no street address, you get the idea. It was the sort of thing you'd build in an HTML 101 class.

When Facebook became popular, the scam mutated into "I'm an elementary school teacher to promised my kids I'd shave my head (or buy them all pizza or something) if I didn't get 10,000 likes on this post." Of course, the post was really a way for the scammers to get the FB IDs of all your friends and your friends' friends, and your friends' friends' friends. That seems to have played out, so they've gone back to their first business plan, setting up fake institutions in the hope of convincing you to post a link to their criminal clients' web site on your own.

Blogger Beware!


P.S. Since I posted this, the same person using a different fake name e-mailed me the same scam with the exact same wording through one of my other web pages.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:05 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
A scammer calling himself Sofia Green writes:

Subject line: Re: Tiсkеt ID: WZF-965-71304 20-11-2017 05:42:41 I do not want to touch your feelings


I honestly anticipate that I will not harm ur feelings. Cases happen, life didn’t give me selection. I don’t hate people with weird tastes, moreover only God can judge u. So:

First of all, I put the special soft on a web site with porn videos (I think you understood me).

Secondly, when you tapped on a video, soft at once started working, all cams switched on and screen started recording, then my soft collected all contacts from emails, messengers etc. Im very proud for this soft, it makes devices work as rdp with keylogger function, impressive. This email address Ive collected from your device, I emailed u here because I think you will 100% going to check your corporative email.

Eventually, I edited a split screen video, with your involvement and porn film from your screen, its very weird. Hence, I can share this video with all your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. I guess it’s a huge shame for u.

But we can resolve this problem. 320 Usd- in my opinion, very common cost for mistake like this.

I accept only btc(cryptocurrency), here is my wallet’s address- 1324i23xFQx7mstrFiHyHjmcNmWSmBn2WS U have 50 hours after reading my notification to complete transaction. I will see when u opened this letter, I adjusted special tracking pixel in it. This time is sufficiently only to finish all verifications and transaction, so you have to think fast. If I wont get my «salary», I will share this video with all contact I have received from ur device.

You can ask cops for an assistance, but they wont detect me for even 100 hours, Im from Japan, so think twice. If Ill receive btc- all compromising evidence will be erased forever and I will never contact you again.

You can reply, but this wont make sense, I sent you this message using my soft for anonymous messages, I don’t check the inbox after using it, cuz I contemplate about my safeness too. Good luck, I hope u will make a successful solution for you.

Sofia Green <media@samael-arts.com>:


Dear Sofia,

Thank you for the brilliant post. Since I turned 65, I have been treated like a kindly grandfather by virtually every woman I know - even women close to my age. Not one except my wife seems to imagine that I have anything like my youthful virility. Your video will remove all doubt on that score. And since it didn't come from me, it will give me "plausible deniability" if people begin to suspect that I posted it myself. Restoring my reputation as a man who is young and virile for his age is well worth $320. More than that really. Does $1000 US sound fair to you?

Of course, before I make a payment, I will have to see at least a small segment of the video to make certain you have recorded me and not one of the dozen or so people who borrow my computer at times. Feel free to e-mail me a clip at the address you used to send the e-mail above.

Of course, if by accident, you recorded a really embarrassing video of one of my coworkers, it might be worth even more money to you.

I don't have a btc account, but a friend of mine does. Please go to the Exiled Nigerian Prince's contact page ( http://exilednigerianprince.com ) and enter the requested information. He WILL need your bank account number and routing code as a backup in case the btc software glitches or in case we decided you deserve even more money than what we've been discussing so far.

Then let me know when you have started posting the video to my Facebook account and e-mailing it to my friends so I can start claiming that I've been hacked and apologizing for letting people around me know that I still have what it takes.

Looking forward to a long and profitable (for one of us at least) business relationship!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:29 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
Someone using the names Mary Jones, Susan Cartwright, Angela Romney, Sally Wang, Rosemary Thiebalt, and a dozen other names writes to several of the web pages I support:

My pastor (or boss or spiritual advisor or great aunt Suzie) said I should write to you.

I am in desperate financial straits since losing my job at the factory (or my husband dying unexpectedly or my mother becoming bankrupt and moving in, or developing an unexplained illness that has drained my bank account).

You say you love Christmas. If you don't help us out this Christmas by wiring me $1000 no questions asked, my two (or three, or four, or five, or six) children with [list of claimed disabilities withheld] will have no Christmas, and it will be your fault.

Thank you, and God Bless,
Mary Jones, Susan Cartwright, Angela Romney, Sally Wang, Rosemary Thiebalt . . . . .

Dear [Name Withheld]

As I explained in the pages you used to contact me on multiple sites with different names and slight variations of your story , I am not a wealthy benefactor, and neither are any of my sites' contributors. We operate the web sites you used to contact me at our own expense because I like giving people resources they can use to have a better Christmas or enjoy their hobbies more, or make better music, or a dozen other topics we write about.

Regarding what you might call "charity," we DO help deserving people whom we know locally, and we volunteer for and support organizations that you can turn to for help in your area. There's more information about that here: https://familychristmasonline.com/other ... g_help.htm

We also stopped following up on requests for money like yours because every person I ever followed up on who sent me this kind of request turned out to be a scammer, and many were career criminals. While I admire your perseverance in reaching out to me through several different web sites with several different versions of the same sob story, the fact that your e-mails all came from the same three IP addresses tells me more than your e-mails themselves do.

So as I explain ON THE PAGES YOU USED TO CONTACT ME, for my personal safety and the safety of my actual readers and contributors, I help real people I know need help and automatically delete all strangers' requests for money.

Feel free to write me back and explain why YOU are the exception, how the local Salvation Army or whoever has turned you away for no reason, or how the pastor of your church gave you my e-mail specifically or whatever you think will set you apart and make you seem more deserving than all of the other scammers who contact me this time of year. Guess what, I have those e-mails in my files, from last year's batch of scammers.

Or better yet, please come up with a version of this scam that I haven't already received a hundred or a thousand times. If nothing else, it will give me something fresh to post in this forum.

May you have the holiday season you truly deserve!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:37 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
Someone calling himself "Marechal Roland" writes:

U.S. Department of Justice
Internet Crime Investigation Center
Minneapolis Suite 2155
148 Washington Avenue, South
MinneapolisMN 55782
Telephone: +1 (888) 348-1766
Fax: +1 (888) 348-1766

November 15, 2017
Case #: 8746174349

The IP address registered on your name was referred to the FBI's ICC Center (IC3) several times as being a possible suspect of federal cyber crime.
Through investigation conducted by the Minneapolis Cyber Division of the FBI your IP address and other identifying information were used to commit multiple online crimes. This investigation covers the time period from September 7, 2017 to the present date.
We will appreciate your instant attention . Please contact our authorities urgently with all of the information concerning this case, at phone number listed below.

Kind Regards, Danika Brown

Internet Crime Investigation Center
Minneapolis Ste. 1251
129 Washington Avenue, West
MinneapolisMN 55113
Telephone: +1 (888) 348-XXX
Fax: +1 (888) 348-XXXX

Dear Marechal Roland,

Thank you for your concern and your generic message about the IP address registered "ON" my name. And for giving me, not one, but TWO return addresses. And for the unique spelling of your first name. Unless you're attempting to spell the title "Marshall," in which case you have used the wrong title altogether for anyone working at the FBI. Ever.

Oh, and putting +1 in front of the number I'm supposed to call, a dead giveaway that the message is from a person living outside of the United Sates. The Yahoo email doesn't help either. Who uses Yahoo anymore? Next time, try AOL.

I think you need someone INSIDE the United States to help you refine your message. Fortunately I have a friend who can help you. The Exiled Nigerian Prince, who, like you, is not a native-born American, but who has a friend who is, and who knows his way around the legal system (admittedly from the wrong side). The Prince and his friend Shucks are currently hanging out in Chicago, haunting the Jazz clubs and occasionally busking for the fun of it. But that hides the fact that the Prince actually has access to huge sums of money, both online and in his physical possession. He would be glad to give you a hand, but he insists on investing in the operations of anyone he helps. Do you think he could buy into, say, half of your business for the sum of $127,000? That seems to be the going rate for this sort of thing, and you obviously need a GREAT deal of help.

If you're interested in taking on a business partner who can really show you the ropes, please go to the Exiled Nigerian Prince's home page ( http://exilednigerianprince.com ) and enter the required information, including the bank account number and routing code where you would like the Prince's payment to be desposited.

Please have a great weekend, and remember to be kind to others this holiday season!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:03 am 
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Joined: Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:38 pm
Posts: 68

You've probably been wondering why I haven't been in touch lately. There are thee reasons.

1. You've sent so many scammers to me to be scammed, that I've been quite swamped. I've gotten a library card for the Chicago Public Library system and I'm checking out books on time management and project management. One of the books, which describes something they call Agile Scrum talks about managing your "backlog." Well, I certainly have a backlog. Do you know anything about this stuff?

2. ICE has been very active in the ex-Pat African communities here, and I'm afraid if I keep too high a profile, I'll draw attention to those around me who don't have the best papers money can buy.

But I'm surfacing now to share that African-Americans, whether new immigrants or decendants of slaves brought here centuries ago, do not like hearing that they or their ancestors came from "Shit-hole countries."

Racism works in all kinds of goofy ways, I've observed. My liberal friends seem to think that public figures who betray themselves to be racists and friends of neo-Nazis automatically prove they have no business in government and should be removed immediately. They can't understand why every rational person doesn't see things that way.

But experience of the last two years shows that anyone who is willing to come out as a racist and hater, and to accept support from white supremacists can depend on millions of other racists, haters, and white supremacists to rally to his support, thankful that someone is finally saying and doing the things they thought all along were afraid to say because they seemed to be unpopular.

But I'm sure you know all of this.

3. I'm sure you heard that "THE" Nigerian Prince was arrested in Slidell, Louisiana late last month. I wanted to reassure you and the rest of the folks that I am still safe and sound, though I'm keeping a VERY low profile at the moment. This poor faker, frankly had it coming.

I'm logged onto a library site using a fake ID, but I'm going to cut it short now before I draw attention.

Please be careful out there,

Your friend, Mutabe.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:43 pm 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004

Thanks for getting back in touch. I was beginning to be worried. As ICE has begun deporting productive people who were brought into the country as children and have been working legally on green cards for decades, I couldn't help wonder would happen if they crossed your path.

Relating to your interest in product management methodologies, I have been involved in Agile training and writing about Agile for about four years. In case you want to take a look, I've published some of my articles here: http://btcomm.com/articles/

Relating to your remarks about closet racists rallying around public figures and politicians who dare to expose themselves as idiot haters, I can't help remembering something that happened in Ohio when South Carolina was debating removing the Confederate Battle Flag from its capitol grounds in 2015. Keeping in mind, of course, that in South Carolina - the state that instigated the Civil War to protect slavery - there were still many white supremacists who waved that flag specifically as a sign that they still considered Black Americans as less than human, and would reinstigate slavery given the chance.

When the controversy erupted, people all over Ohio began flying or otherwise displaying the Confederate Battle Flag. Many claimed that they were simply "celebrating their heritage." But Ohio was never a slave state, and we fought for the Union during the Civil war. Even the slave-owning regions that Ohio bordered never fought for the South (Kentucky started out neutral, then requested Union protection, while the western counties of slave-holding Virginia split off and formed their own government sympathetic to North.

So the Confederate Battle Flag was NEVER part of the MILITARY, POLITICAL or CULTURAL heritage of any long-term Ohioans, nor or any whose ancestors had emigrated from Kentucky or West Virginia. Yet there were countless Ohioans claiming that the flag represented something important to their sense of identity. Yes, I know that to some people (say, Dukes of Hazzard fans) the Confederate Battle Flag represents rebellion against authority in general. But many of the words coming out of the new batch of of Confederate Battle Flag wavers made it evident to me that the only part of their heritage it could credibly represented was deep-rooted generational racism.

Why else would thousands of people for whom the Confederate Battle Flag had held little interest before 2015 suddenly start waving and displaying it so enthusiastically? "They tell me this is a symbol of racism." "Good, let's get two."

When I expressed this opinion in 2015, several people told me I was reading too much into it - there couldn't possibly be that many white supremacists and sympathizers left in Ohio in 2015. I wish I HAD been wrong, but events proved that I had vastly underestimated the number of haters and bigots who were just looking for an opening to express the sickness they had been hiding all along.

I don't know what to say. Right now I am ashamed of what my country has become - of what it has been all along in some dark corners. I am upset that my black and brown friends are living in an elevated climate of fear. I pray that right-minded people will step up and turn things around, but that won't happen in Ohio in the near future, because haters have drawn our districts in such a way that we can't possibly hold fair elections here.

I do pray and pray and pray.

On that note, I'll cut this off.

Be safe and keep your friends safe as much as you can.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:53 pm 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
A scammer writes: Unexpected sign-in attempt

Dear [e-mail address withheld],

Your Account was used to sign in on a Desktop Crome 7.89".
Time: 29.07.2018 18:56
Operating System: OSX;10.9.1

If you recently signed in to this device, you can disregard this email.
if you have not signed in to your account recently and believe someone may have accessed your account, you should secure your account.
Please click here [link withheld].

AppIe Inc.

Dear unknown scammer,

Thank you for reminding me that there are still baddies out there trying to get innocent people to click on dangerous links that will steal people's personal information, plant viruses on their PCs and worse.

I love the "dodge" of trying to use a "bitly" address to disguise the fact that you are actually in Hungary, as your 200+-character e-mail address reveals.

Funny thing, I haven't used the e-mail address you used to send this note to me since about 1998; it shouldn't even work. So that's something worth checking out as well.

In the meantime, if you would like get better with phishing scames and the like, I can get you in contact with the "grand-daddy" of them all - the original Exiled Nigerian Prince. He often takes on apprentices for a small fee. In your case, I think he would be satisfied to give you some coaching for about $200 an hour, with the first hour payable up front. Simply go to the Exiled Nigerian Prince's contact page here: https://creekdontrise.com/enp.htm Once you enter the requested information about the bank account you want to pay with, you will receive an education you won't believe.

Have a great week,


PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:00 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Thu May 15, 2014 3:39 pm
Posts: 1004
A scammer writes:
Account Suspension
exilednigerianprince.com Date: 08.04.2018
Domain Name: Registration Period: Price: Term:
exilednigerianprince.com 08.13.2018 to 08.13.2019 $84.00 1 Year
Dear Paul Race,
This information is intended for the use of the individual(s) named above. Failure to complete your domain service name registration by 08.12.2018 will may result in account suspension (making it difficult for your customers and friends to locate you, using search engines on the web). You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web. You can take advantage of our best savings.
This Email contains information intended only for the individuals or entities to which it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient or the agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, or have received this Email in error, please notify immediately the sender of this Email at the Help Center and then completely delete it. Any other action taken in reliance upon this Email is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to unauthorized copying, printing, disclosure, or distribution. We do not directly register or renew domain names. This is not a bill or an invoice. This is a optimization offer for your webside. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated unless you accept this purchase offer. Promotional material is stricly along the guidelines oft he can-spam act of 2003. They are in no way misleading.

You have received this message because you elected to recieve notificaton offers. Unsubscribe here if you no longer wish to receive our notifications. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dear Scammer,
You know better than I that I never contacted you or signed up for notification offers of your scams. Claiming I did doesn't make it so.

Also the fact that I never get these scams unless my pages are already appearing on the first page of Google searches tells me that I don't need your assistance getting search engines to find my pages, even if you DID offer the service you provide.

In the meantime, I have forwarded your request to a friend who understands internet scams even better than I do, and is willing to give you some credit for trying. He tells me he will contact you shortly to get information he can use to deposit your "fees" directly into your bank account. Be sure and give him the correct bank routing code and account number so you can get what is coming to you.

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